Isn’t it funny how every day is “World (something) Day?” I’ve resisted the urge to post on other wacky holidays, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to say hello since today is the 43rd annual World Hello Day.


It got me thinking. How do you say hello to your love? Do you do it with excitement? Do you say it with enthusiasm? Do you grunt it? Do you scream it when you hear the door open? Do you even bother?

I like to mix it up when I’m the one at home awaiting Mike. Sometimes I hear the garage door open, send a quick text, like “Hello my love!” and then swing open the door for him a few seconds later. Other times I sit in the chair just inside with a big smile on my face. And okay, I’ve been known to run into the driveway and do a little “hello dance.” But that was only like 276 times.

Gag if you must, but isn’t the crazy desire to be together the whole point of being married?

So today, do like World Hello Day urges: greet 10 people for peace. While you’re at it, greet your guy or gal with gusto? It will make both of your days. Plus, you never know when Greet With Gusto Day will become an official holiday.


Live big, kiss often!
Tara & Mike



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